The Lolo Show

About The Lolo show

The LoLo Show is 'The First Modern Family of Talk Radio'. The hosts, Joe DeLong, a conservative gay comedian and Lois Burak, the daughter of controversial 1960's liberal talk radio personality Marvin Burak whom was shot and killed by her mother, a burlesque dancer.

Integrating Lois' family legacy of radio broadcasting with her diverse co hosts as well as a weekly guest comedian, The LoLo Show has been gaining recognition and enjoyed runs on terrestrial radio's 920AM The Voice and Sirius/XM satellite radio.

Each show explores taboo topics while using humor to draw listeners in to a firey discussions which include but are not limited to sexuality, race, feminine issues, and stereotyping. The on air chemistry is apparent and the laughter is contagious. The LoLo Show is a funny, provocative and diverse labor of love and tribute to Lois' father's quest for free speech and entertainment.