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Lois Burak - Saturday, May 27, 2017

One of my favorite things in life is sharing my story and reading or hearing about the journey and lives of others.  It doesn't always have to be measured by how much money they've earned - I'm fascinated with the road to self enlightenment. A good personal story of courage or the trials and tribulations of someone's path to success aways intrigues me.
Frankly, I consider it a great honor when someone tells me I've inspired them. I see the importance of that quality because I've been inspired by others throughout my life.  

I love to learn their stories and will soak up life's experiences whenever I'm fortunate enough to have the chance.

The latest creative endeavor is a little frightening for me. I'm finding my way as a broadcaster, an interviewer and most of all as  a good human.  Livin LaVida Lolo is an audio blog where I'll introduce you to risk takers , big dreamers, survivors - and people who've lived inspiring lives. As we delve into their story I'll also share some intimate details of my own life.

In the premier episode I had the pleasure of meeting C.C. Castoro, a sexy, strong and courageous single mom who left a successful corporate life to follow her dreams. Her book Beaver Tales ( ...stories from below the belt.) chronicles her journey of becoming a "waxinista", dating, marriage, fertility treatments and  finally her divorce. 

I love C.C. - In many ways she reminds me of myself. Taking care of a sick parent when others question the reasoning behind it...  for C.C. an ex mother in law, and for me my mother, who shot and killed my father. 

I admire The chutzpah it took for her to walk into Victoria Secret headquarters on a cold call showing the courage to boldly go where most will not. That's my kinda girl! 
Sometimes you have moments in life where you need to be reminded how to be brave and face your fears.  I hope that sharing CC's story will inspire, awaken and refuel that warrior within you. 

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