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Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Lois Burak - Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

I do not subscribe nor endorse this belief in any capacity. Plainly said - this a recipe for disaster.
This is today's generation's version of  “Keeping Up With The Jones’ ” and reflecting on our past years we know where that got a lot of people. I have heard this phrase a great deal as of late and what’s worse is I have seen in unfold first hand.  I have seen life's fakery mentality destroy more than one person’s chance at a successful endeavor and crush their credibility making them a laughing stock among their peers. 

I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t buy a sleek new high end car if your profession is driven entirely by the lasting impression you need to make; but  you should be able to pay for the gas in the car and have the means to maintain it before you make that commitment.

Yesterday, I let my emotions get the best of me and became enraged when I discovered someone I know, standing before a group of impressionable, predominately low to middle socioeconomic standing high school kids and just as proud as a peacock told them that he was a successful entrepreneur and going on about his little need for a formal education . What does that even mean anyway, “Entrepreneur?! “I have become to loathe the sheer abuse of that word. It’s become a badge of success with no clear explanation. I have heard people throw that label around often during the last few years with no real direction or the success that the term implies . What bothers me the most when it comes to his claim is that while he may be an entrepreneur, he is by no means successful at least in the traditional sense (Not to mention putting down educated people in general!). I’m not here to devalue a man’s worth - but I do prefer to bring it in focus so that you may have a better understanding of my reason when it comes to my level of outrage. 

I have regretted two things in my life:
1. Quitting School and 
2. Not having a child (We'll approach this one at another time.).

It’s one thing to make countless YouTube videos sharing your wisdom... frankly  no one is viewing them. However, passing yourself off as a success business owner,  author and advisor to impressionable young people who only choose to hear what is glamorous is a crime -  especially when you completely disregard the one thing that they need most to survive in the world - an education.  

As I viewed a video of this young man misrepresenting himself in a speech named “My Success Strategy”  I blew my top.  His continual boasts about not finishing college while telling the class  “To be successful in business you need hands on training!” He then proceeded to talk about this "brilliant" strategy that can be found in his new book. I certainly hope he did not ask these kids to purchase his volume at the end of this misleading seminar of a pep talk. 

Whether or not you agree with this theory is not relevant for the purpose of guiding and mentoring young people. When you decide to take on the job of inspiring a teen, understand the power you have over them and the level of importance that comes with it.
He goes on to tell the kids of his many accomplishments, none have any clear agenda towards a goal. Topping off his sermon while raising his voice for emphasis with this pile of steaming garbage, ”YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO TO COLLEGE TO BE SUCCESSFUL!” (insert vinyl record scratch… wait what?!?!?) He then follows up with “You are successful right now…because you got out of bed and got dressed... Success! It would take me far too long to break this down statement by statement of why if I were the parent of one of these kids I’d have a thing or two to say to this snake oil salesman and the clueless jerks in charge who allowed him to speak to the class in the first place.
“You came to school, you’re sitting here whether you’re paying attention or not, you’re asleep or want to be on Instagram … Success!"

I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that I understand what message he is attempting to convey; but just as he is not a successful entrepreneur he is not someone that should be speaking to young impressionable kids that may not have a lot of opportunity ahead of them. 
One of the best traits of a good leader is to KNOW what you don’t know and always ask questions. You cannot properly lead a crowd without knowing anything about them.
This is not a Tony Robbins seminar where people purchased tickets for a specific message they want to hear.

I will reiterate: impressionable children only hear what is glamorous. 
  • How many plan to attend college?
  • Focus on those who do not have a college plan.
  • Ask, why? Perhaps they are disadvantaged financially or are intimidated by the college experience.
  • Perhaps they aren’t aware of other options available to them. 
  • Speak about tech school as an option
  • Inspire them with practical solid information. Not dreams of being young millionaire prodigies.
  • Give the children who have no plans to go to college a scenario. If you had a magic genie and could go to school, what is it they want to be? Some may not know yet. Which is more reason you do not glamorize the option to not pursue a furthered education.
  • Provide them with the tools they will need to further their education. 
He goes on to emphasize “This is the age you make your millions…” actually this is the age where you need an education or a hard life awaits. We live in a time where “Cash me Outside” girl is getting a reality show. Is that what we really want our young people to aspire to? You never know what life has in store. I made plans to have a secure financial future. I had specific goals and reached a decent level of success in most of my endeavors and still find myself having to take a job picking and packing inventory in a warehouse for $9.00 an hour in my early fifties. 
During my job search the mid entry level positions required some sort of a degree. 

So much for my “hands on experience” over thirty years in a highly competitive service and retail industry - something I find invaluable. Ironically something he was given the opportunity of taking full advantage and chose not to. 
If you must fake It… please keep it on YouTube. Do not mislead the young. 

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