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Lois Burak - Tuesday, April 04, 2017

I’d like to share an article I wrote for LinkedIn a few days ago about a social media movement going on in North Little Rock AK....


 It still amazes me that people of my generation, who are in business, do not understand the value digital/social media adds to their brand. Entrepreneurs of my generation ironically target the very people who use the platforms in general.


The headline below captures the attention of anyone trying to understand the social media phenomena and how not using social media adversely affects your bottom line.  I did not have the most pures intent and I hope you’ll read and share this article. 

What Can Mainstream Media, PR, Marketing and Ad Agencies Learn from a Top Cop in NLR, AR?

If you’re one of the unfortunate souls not familiar with Officer Tommy Norman let me change that right now. 

Officer Tommy Norman is a police officer in North Little Rock Arkansas. For the last seventeen years Officer Norman has been patrolling the streets of NLR, AR neighborhoods, gaining the trust, respect, and above all the admiration of the community. Using social media to impact the people he profiles as well as engaging his 1.1 million followers, Officer Norman received national attention when during a CNN interview, rappers Killer Mike & The Game credited Tommy for “doing something right”. 

Since learning about him (through social media) I never wake up without the @Tnorman23 Instagram account as an accompaniment to my morning coffee. One of his fans explained in a video post “My wife watches your Instagram like we watch tv”. I couldn’t agree more.

If I’m having a bad day I open Instagram on my phone and go directly to his profile where I can be guaranteed to crack a smile and sometimes shed a heartfelt tear. Like so many, I have become engaged in the wellbeing of his community and the people who reside within it.

I couldn’t tell you whether Officer Norman is aware of his level of media savvy, but I can tell you his appeal comes from a place that is genuine. Officer Norman has been 110% committed to #communitypolicing way before social media.  

To all my media & marketing peers reading this, I’m not going to write about what you can learn from his presence on social media - this should be obvious. 

Here’s my favorite part of this article. From Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture (Achieving Your Childhood Dreams) The Head Fake aka Indirect Learning.  

This article wasn’t really about Marketing, PR or effective use of social media.

This was for everyone. Jack and Jill Public. Anyone with a pulse. Anyone who can change a person’s life. Anyone who still lives in fear of a negative stereotypes. Anyone one who needs inspiration and permission to show a little love and kindness to the people in and around your community.   

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